Upper School

Upper Learning

The pupils' transition to upper classes/grades (4, 5, 6, 7, 8) at 9 years of age. At Jabali Christian Schools we are at class/grade 6, progressing gradually where our first class/grade 8 will sit for the National examinations in 2019.

We inculcate Christianity in our teaching for learners to acquire positive values and morals through our planned and intentional devotional lessons. Our learning and assessment strategies are carefully planned to help and develop independent and reflective learners. Our leadership program which runs through the whole school continues to impact our pupils positively as they practice the skills they learn in choosing their own leaders through the student council.

Apart from the six examinable subjects, we offer computer classes, French, life skills, creative arts, trips, and daily encourage the reading culture, sports, and games to identify and nurture the learner’s talents. Our clubs and movements include Chess, Code club, drama, media, music, Home science, Scouts and St. John’s movements. The names of the classes are:

• Class/grade 4 Kalkedoni(Agate )
• Class/grade 5 Yasintho ( Jacinth )
• Class/grade 6 Amethisto (Amethyst)

We have five qualified, experienced and dedicated staff who ensure that upper school is taken care of adequately.

Jabali Christian Schools

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