Middle School

Middle School

Middle School comprises of class/grade 1, 2, and 3. Entry age for class/grade 1 is 6 years, class/grade 2 is 7 years and class/grade 3 is 8 years. They transition to upper school at the age of 9 years. There are two streams of each class and the names are as follows:

• Class/grade 1 Yaspi (Crystal) and Shaba(Bronze)
• Class/grade 2 Akiki ( Ruby) and Topazi ( Topaz)
• Class/grade 3 Zumaridi ( Emerald) and Sardoniki(Onyx)

Our desire is to pay special attention to re-enforcing the skills and habits learned in the Early Years. Some of the special programs we introduce at this level include French and computer lessons. Our co-curricular activities are strengthened more at this level since we believe in the importance of these activities in developing a child’s mind and creative ability. Some of the programs include Swimming, Home science, St. Johns and Scouts movements, Code club, Chess and Media. Pupils go on trips and carry out a lot of project work and research with their parents.

We have an excellent leadership program for our pupils. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader. However, great leaders of others must first practice being good leaders of self. Pupils learn that they do not have to wait to be adults to learn about leadership. This program enables them to participate in the student council effectively.


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