Early Learning

Early Learning

Jabali Christian schools is actively implementing the early childhood curriculum through interesting, fun, creative and educational activities, aimed at harnessing every child's potential.

Jabali Christian Schools Kindergarten is arguably the strongest pillar of the wider school. The Kindergarten boasts of vibrant, qualified,well experienced and passionate staff who work very closely with the parents to meet the delicate needs of all children and their families.

The kindergarten enrolls children from the age of 2.5years to 6 years. They are handled in:

Play group 2-3 years

Pre school - 3 years

PP1- 4 years

PP2- 5 years

Our kindergarten is a well established school founded on Biblical principles. We provide a sound and holistic education in a Christian atmosphere that enriches lives, builds character and promote self discipline.  Occupying bright and airy premises with a safe, secure and child friendly outdoor area, the kindergarten offers a caring and stimulating environment to encourage children to develop self-confidence and good interaction with others.

 Play group

In Play group, we promote the concept of 'Magic Moments', which are short bursts of planned activities that enable the young learners to concentrate on key aspects of the early childhood development and to work on individual children's next steps. We also provide excellent opportunities for children to explore above and beyond the regular school routine. These include opportunities to

  • Interact with the environment
  • Play to learn and learn to play
  • Socialise
  • Learn through music
  • Dance and multi-club sessions

All our learning opportunities are carried out by teachers with a heart for children and passion for individualized growth.

Jabali Christian Schools

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