Early Learning

Early Learning

Early Learning School caters for children between the age of two and a half years and six years. Our classrooms are spacious. We limit intake between 20 to 25 children per class. At this age, we recognize that the sense of belonging is a child’s fundamental need.

Therefore we endeavor to meet that need by making learning fun, experiential and practical. Learning includes activities like water play, nature walks, and play, climbing and sliding, painting imaginative and directed play, and swimming. We have 2 streams of each age group except playgroup which has the under 3 years of age. We name the classes according to precious stones as follows:

• 2-3 years are Feruzi (Turquoise)
• 3-4 years are Lulu (pearl) and Almasi (Diamond).
• 4-5 years are Johari (Gemstone) and Dhahabu (Gold).
• 5-6 years are Fedha (Silver) and Yakuti (Sapphire).
Our great team of highly trained and experienced teacher is passionate about caring and nurturing children and they ensure that the children are actively engaged in various activities.

Jabali Christian Schools

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